* Is Your PC getting on your nerves?
    * Not working like it use to do?
    * Running Really Slow? Internet stopped dead?
    * Got Viruses or Spyware or even Malware?

Windows Mechanic
Your Can Fix It Yourself!
Compatible With Windows XP & Vista (All Versions)

Boot your PC even if you have a faulty hard disk drive!

          o Direct Boot CD-ROM
          o BOOT up ANY PC & Any Operating System (Win98/2000/Me/XP/Vista)
          o 100% Compatible with XP & Vista
          o Access you Hard Disk Off-line
          o Scan Your Hard Disk Without Loading Windows
          o Fix Hard Disk problems in DOS or Windows
          o Clone your Hard Disk and Make an exact Copy
          o Full Registry Editor for advanced users

Data Recovery

          o Recover Deleted Data
          o FAT & NTFS Supported
          o Recover Deleted Partitions
          o File & Picture Recovery

Anti-Virus Scanning

          o Low Level Virus Scanning with free unlimited updates
          o Scan your Hard Disk in a DOS or Windows Enviroment
          o Complete Virus Removal & Protection
          o Full NTFS & FAT Harddrive Support

Spyware & Malware Scanning and Removal

          o Detect and Remove Spyware
          o Detect and Remove Adware
          o Detect and Remove Dialers
          o Detect and Remove Hijackers
          o Prevent the installation of spyware

Optimize & Speed Up your PC

    * Automatically Repair Damaged & Corrupt Registry Enteries
    * Automatically Remove unwanted Junk Files
    * System Optimization and Pivacy Tools
    * Fix Browser Hijacks with just one  click

Diagnose PC Hardware

    * Extract details of all Components of your PC
    * Hardware Detection & Reporting Of Your PC
    * High-End Professional System Information Tools

Complete System Backup

    * Create an Exact Disk Image of Your Full System
    * Works while Windows is Running!!
    * Driver Backup and Restore Tools

Clone / Ghost your Hard Drive Outside of Windows

    * Exact Hard Disk Cloning
    * Backup & Restore Partitions
    * Copy a Hard Disk with Bad Sectors
    * IDE SCSI & USB Hsrd Disk Support

Hard Disk Partition Tools

    * Boot Manager & Hard Disk Partitioner
    * Works Without Destroying Data
    * Complete Disk Management Suite

    * Create, Delete, Format Partitions & Drives with ease

Testing Tools

    * System Speed Test
    * Assess the Condition of your Computer
    * CPU Hdd & Video Testing
    * Benchmarking and Information Tools

Hard Disk Tools

    * Disk Test, Format & Maintenance
    * Repair & Regenerate Bad Hdd Sectors
    * Recover a Bad Hard Drive
    * Low-Level Hdd Diagnostics

MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools

    * Backup, Verify, Restore, Edit, Remove, Display, your MBR
    * Fix 'Invalid system disk' Error
    * Windows NT / 2000 / XP Support
    * Multi-boot loader & Manager

Password Tools

    * Reset User Passwords on NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista (FAT/NTFS)
    * Hard Disk Password Utilities
    * Reset NT/2000/XP Passwords

Protect Your Identity

    * Remove Personal Details from Your Computer
    * Hide Your Internet Surfing Tracks
    * Remove Your Digital Footprint


    * BIOS Password Remover
    * BIOS Information, Password, Beep Codes etc
    * BIOS Flash Utility
    * CMOS Wiper

Registry Editor / Fixer

    * Check and Restore th Structure of Damaged Registry files
    * Registry Viewer / Editor for Win9x / Me / NT / 2K / XP

Netwoking Tools Wifi & Ethernet

          o Recover wireless network keys (WEP/WPA)
          o Fix Windows Networking Regisrty Errors at the click of a Button
          o Repair your Windows XP Winsock and TCP/IP Registry Errors

Secure Data Removal

    * Destroy Sensitive Data on Your Personal Computer
    * Protect Your Identity from everyone
    * Complete Data Sanitisation with just 1 click

Rootkit Detection

    * Scan & Detect for any System Rootkit Installations
    * Secure your PC Against Rouge Installations and more

Windows Mechanic

Ultimate Protection and Performance!


System Requirements

 PC Operating System: Windows Vista, WindowsXP recommended for all features.

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